ITMGroup runs for MS Research


On June 9th, 70 employees of ITMGroup will take part in the 4 English Miles/Half Marathon in Zwolle (NL) for MS Research. ITMGroup wants to make a difference for colleagues and many other that suffer from Multiple Sclerosis.


Raise twice as much

All ITMGroup runners will be part of ‘De Eenhoorn’ running team. For every ITMGroup employee that participates in the 4EM/Half Marathon, ITMGroup will donate 25 euro to MS Research. As ITMGroup aims to raise as much money as possible, every runner is asked to look for personal sponsors. Not to be left unmentioned: The total amount of money raised will be doubled by ITMGroup.

“If you are sick, recovering is the only thing you want. For me, that wish cannot be fulfilled (yet): no money, no research, no cure!”
Ania Timmer, colleague with MS diagnosis


More information about MS and MS Research

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease that causes exhaustion and muscle weakness as the central nervous system is not able to process certain signals. Examples are that one is not able to walk or to use his/her hands anymore. MS Research has been supporting research into Multiple Sclerosis since 1980. Research is done in order to improve care for patients and to cure MS.  By sponsoring our participation in the 4EM / Half Marathon of Zwolle, together we can make a significant contribution to this goal.