In the last few years we have installed multiple: low, mid and high speed production lines as complete turnkey projects to any size of customers in the tobacco market. Today we are the main supplier of turn-key projects in this specific part of the industry.
Some of the latest projects include high speed can lines (up to 150 cans per minute) and Big bag lines, from material logistics to final shipment of the product, With our clients, all specifications and needs are discussed. Based on our experiences with products, materials and machinery we present the client the best suitable approach and preferred solution, which are possible in today’s market.
TDC works closely together with experienced partners and integrates their machines physically as well as electronically.

We take our customer trough all different stages of the process, like engineering, product materials, integration, installation, training and production ready. When production ready the operators and mechanic take over the control of the production line.

Our client benefits not only of our experience, in addition they only have on point of contact in huge projects like this. Al contacts with 3rd suppliers are taken care off. All components within the line are build with TDC standards, this means that every component could be maintained and operated with the same philosophy. The layout of the complete line is made customer specific by TDC itself. The full line installation and guarantees are taken over by TDC, one responsible supplier.

can line

All of the above means that our client safes a lot of time in huge projects like this. Even after installation there is still only one point of contact.

Spares parts and line maintenance, where needed, are covered by TDC personnel.

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