Doysis-M flexible packing solution


Doysis M: Change the way you pack


In a fast changing market, it is hard to predict what kind of packing will be needed in a few years, or even in a few months. With Doysis-M you will invest in a platform that meets your current, high speed packing needs and the needs that arise in the future.

The base modules of the Doysis-M consist of a magnetic linear transport system (XTS) with built-in electricity and mechanics. To perform activities, activity modules are placed above the conveyor belt. 

Packing high precision and high volumn products

Doysis-M is extremely suited to pack high precision, high volumn products, like detergent pouches and tobacco. The platform treats products carefully and can precisely measure the amount of product in each package, on high speed. Doysis-M can therefore easily be integrated in a mass-production line.

Magnetic linear transport system

The magnetic linear transport system makes it possible to perform a variety of activities on one platform, all at its own speed. The magnetic conveyor belt activates each gripper separately. Because of this the platform can buffer and accelerate packages individually where ever needed. The output per minute is therefore no longer limited to the slowest activity and the output per minute will increase immensely.

Packing flexibility on a compact platform

The Doysis-M is a two-way working platform and it can be operated on two sides as well. This makes it possible to run several packing lines on a small surface. On each base module, two activity modules can be placed. The amount of activities wanted, determents how many base modules of Doysis-M are needed. 

Activity modules: to meet every need in packing

To meet the demands of today, various activity modules have been developed. These activity modules can fill different sizes of tubs, cans, spouts and doy-bags, with solids and liquids. They can add different types of closures and dosing caps and perform a wide variety of controls and measurements. 

Increase the output per minute by multiple activity modules

By doubling a time consuming activity, the output will be enlarged immensely. The individual-controlled grippers can buffer packages and sent two – or even more – packages simultaneously to adjacent modules. In a mass production line, packing with Doysis-M will easily keep up with product production and end-of-line packaging.

Make adjustments to meet future packing needs

New high-speed packing options can be integrated in the Doysis-M platform. Extra or new activity modules can be added, or replace outdated. To meet every need, we develop new activity modules in co-creation with our customers. An extra base module can be placed in the existing platform to facilitate extra activity modules. 

Preset program to switch package size and material

Doysis-M gives optimal production efficiency. Switching between different sizes, types of packing or types of closure, is possible by selecting a preset program. The preset program selects and activates the activity modules, and determents the distance between grippers. To operate the platform, the TDC human machine interface (hmi) is built-in. This hmi is intuitive and easy to operate.

Easy to maintain the Doysis-M

Magnetic conveyor belts hardly wear out. This makes the Doysis-M platform a longtime highly functional platform, with little maintenance costs. The platform is designed to have excellent accessibility: therefor Doysis-M is easy to maintain.

Our design philosophy

Matching our design philosophy, Dosis-M is a modular platform. It has been designed with the focus on productivity, flexibility, easy to operate, good accessibility and short change overtime. 

Develop together with ITMGroup

Doysis-M brings all possibilities for packing at your fingertips. To configure Doysis-M to your needs our sales people and our team of engineers, will help you to make the best decisions. Every idea for a new package, can be integrated in Doysis-M.

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